Lean Solution

  • Increased efficiency & productivity – more output with same re-source
  • Better quality out puts (Reduction is Re-work)
  • Better on time delivery performance
  • Improved moral & employee engagement
  • Better Accountability & traceability
  • Aesthetic & transparent

Why is the Lean Manufacturing important

  • Lean manufacturing will help company to reduce work in- progress time.(WIP)
  • Lean manufacturing will help to find the fastest way of getting finished goods produced from raw material
  • The shorter we can make this then the less time we have to hold cash . Normally the shortest time to produce often comes out as the least cost. So we have to find less cash as well.


  • Production industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Foundry & Forging industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Electrical & Electronic industry
  • Assembly shop
  • Logistic & Ware houses
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